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  ID Location Town Activity Last Event Event Time Public Private Indoors Out Witnesses Evidence Evidencedetails Evidence File Details Researcher Information Source Geocode Entry Date User ID State Country Lat1 Lon1 Captcha  
206 No 3/15/2014 Georgia USA  
220 No 3/15/2014 Illinois USA  
303 No 3/15/2014 Michigan USA  
359 No 43.292533, -72.390376 3/15/2014 New Hampshire USA  
404 No 3/15/2014 Nevada USA  
420 No 3/15/2014 Oregon USA  
485 No 3/15/2014 Tennessee USA  
500 No Years ago, the Vermont Police Academy was a state hospital for Tuberculosis pati More ... 3/15/2014 Vermont USA  
154 "A Haunting in CT", Private House, Southington, CT Apparitions, noises, voices, negative spirits Private Indoors Yes Yes Evidence varies In 1987, the story centers on Matthew Campbell, who is being treated for Hodgkin More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / Homeowners / Investigators 41.596487,-72.877601 3/15/2014 Connecticut USA  
381 "Annie's" Road, Passaic, NJ Apparitions, sightings of blood and broken glass Public Outdoors No A young girl by the name of Annie was said to have died on this road many years More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / Drivers / Witnesses 40.856766,-74.128476 3/15/2014 New Jersey USA  
227 "Minnow Bucket", Wilmington, Illinois Apparitions Public Outdoors No An old man named “Minnow Bucket” was beaten to death by two young men after More ... Michael J. Baker Legend 41.307809,-88.146724 3/15/2014 Illinois USA  
604 "The House of Death", 14 West 10th Street, Manhattan, NY Apparitions Public Indoors No This classic brownstone was constructed in the 19th century and is believed to b More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / LISPR 40.73362,-73.996514 3/15/2014 New York USA  
479 "The White Screamer", White Bluff, Tennessee_x000D_
Wails, screams, crying Public Indoors & Outdoors No In this small town of White Bluff there’s a famous hollow where the White Scre More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / Residents of the town 36.107559,-87.220841 3/15/2014 Tennessee USA  
200 1790 Inn and Tavern_x000D_
307 East President St_x000D_
Savannah, GA 31401
Noises, items being moved Public Indoors no Inn is supposedly haunted by a girl named Anna/ She was a 17 year old girl who w More ... Tabby/NECAPS legend/internet 32.077049_x000D_
3/15/2014 Georgia USA  
617 1890 House, Cortland, New York Strange noises Public Indoors No Many people that have spent the night in the house hear strange noises and they More ... Michael J. Baker Legend 42.595939,-76.181915 3/15/2014 New York USA  
632 35 Avenue at 36 Street Astoria, NY 11106 American Museum of the Moving Image Apparitions, a mans voice, voices, footsteps Public Indoors No Foot steps following you at night in the office area. A deep voice of a man hear More ... Michael J. Baker Legend 40.758888,-73.930097 3/15/2014 New York USA  
55 4 Edmunds Street, Adams, Ma Adams, MA Disembodied Voices, Apparitions Private Indoors 3 None This listing was taken from Shadowlands...was formerly Plunkett Hospital, and is More ... Shadowlands/Legend 42.616225,-73.120509  
235 401 w river rd Louisville KY apparition of former captain,abnormal emf readings, cold spots Public Indoors No The Belle Of Louisville is a 100 year old paddle wheeler owned by the city of Lo More ... Keith Kerrigan NECAPS Louisville Ghost Hunters society, Jeff Belange 3/15/2014 Kentucky USA  
277 477 Congress Street Portland Maine Elevators traveling between floors without any occupants, voices Private Indoors No This place is a dayspa in the Portland area. Mandy/PRI-ME Residents, website 3/15/2014 Maine USA  
635 5 Corners Cemetery (Ronkonkoma Cemetery), Ronkonkoma, NY Apparitions, orbs Public Outdoors No 5 Corners Cemetery has been investigated by many groups, reports of orbs and app More ... Michael J. Baker Legend 40.837816,-73.111909 3/15/2014 New York USA  
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Details found: 634
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