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  ID Location Town Activity Last Event Event Time Public Private Indoors Out Witnesses Evidence Evidencedetails Evidence File Details Researcher Information Source Geocode Entry Date User ID State Country Lat1 Lon1 Captcha  
206 No 3/15/2014 Georgia USA  
220 No 3/15/2014 Illinois USA  
251 millusbug ky this case begens on 11/27/09 Private Indoors No joshua sikora -The bridgewater triangle Paranormal Investigators 3/15/2014 Kentucky USA  
303 No 3/15/2014 Michigan USA  
359 No 43.292533, -72.390376 3/15/2014 New Hampshire USA  
382 saint marys art center shadows,evp's thermal and video hits 12:00:00 AM Public Indoors & Outdoors Yes Yes temperature nevada ghost society 3/15/2014 Nevada USA  
404 No 3/15/2014 Nevada USA  
420 No 3/15/2014 Oregon USA  
452 Fort Adams, Newport, RI footsteps, voices, items thrown such as rocks Public for tours but Private for investigations both yes Kim/RIGS 41.473725,-71.339386 3/15/2014 Rhode Island USA  
485 No 3/15/2014 Tennessee USA  
500 No Years ago, the Vermont Police Academy was a state hospital for Tuberculosis pati More ... 3/15/2014 Vermont USA  
529 Barlow Street School No 3/15/2014 Vermont USA  
355 MacDowell Colony, High Street, Peterborough, NH Apparitions Public Indoor & Outdoor No Former residents of the colony, including Elinor Wylie and Edward Arlington Robi More ... Michael J. Baker Annette / LISPR 42.889096,-71.95436 3/15/2014 New Hampshire USA  
266 Old Dudley Oxford Rd Full body apparition Public Outdoors No It has been reported by many people that a man is seen riding a horse up and dow More ... Mandy/PRI-ME area residents 3/15/2014 Maine USA  
65 Dungeon Rock, Lynn woods, Lynn, Ma Lynn, MA Noises, Apparitions Public Outdoors 3 Audio Recorder Dungeons rock was carved out hundreds of years ago, and pirates used to hide her More ... Associate Paranormal Investigator 42.490662,-70.993316  
98 Cape Cod Bay at the extreme eastern tip of Massachusetts Provincetown, MA Apparitions, Disembodied voices Public Outdoors 1 None The activity listed here is quoted from the book. Although the books author ment More ... Book: Haunted Places: The National Directory 42.045213,-70.210876  
99 Harvard College, Thayer Hall, 8 Garden St, Cambridge, MA Cambridge, MA Apparitions Private Outdoors 1 None Apparitions in period clothing seen outside of Thayer Hall seemingly trying to g More ... Book: Haunted Places: The National Directory 42.376882,-71.122503  
100 the Classroom Building on Avon Hill, Lesley College, 29 Everett St, Cambridge, M More ... Cambridge, MA Footsteps, Object Manipulation Private Indoors 1 None The author does not provide any names of eye witnesses or details of where the r More ... Book: Haunted Places: The National Directory 42.380162,-71.117232  
101 the Beechwood Inn, 2839 Main Street, Route 6A, Barnstable Village, MA Barnstable Village, MA Apparitions, Footsteps, Object Manipulation, Strange feelings Private Indoors 1 None Apparition of the ghost of a young woman walking the halls, disembodied footstep More ... Book: Haunted Places: The National Directory 41.700778,-70.293066  
102 the Witch Hollow Farm also know as The Tyler Homestead, Boxford House and Tyler- More ... Boxford, MA Apparitions, Strange feelings Private Indoors and Outdoors 1 None Ghost of Mary Tyler has been see walking from the carriage house to the main hou More ... Book: Haunted Places: The National Directory 42.697513,-71.047235  
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Details found: 634
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