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  ID Location Town Activity Last Event Event Time Public Private Indoors Out Witnesses Evidence Evidencedetails Evidence File Details Researcher Information Source Geocode Entry Date User ID State Country Lat1 Lon1 Captcha  
206 No 3/15/2014 Georgia USA  
220 No 3/15/2014 Illinois USA  
303 No 3/15/2014 Michigan USA  
359 No 43.292533, -72.390376 3/15/2014 New Hampshire USA  
404 No 3/15/2014 Nevada USA  
420 No 3/15/2014 Oregon USA  
485 No 3/15/2014 Tennessee USA  
500 No Years ago, the Vermont Police Academy was a state hospital for Tuberculosis pati More ... 3/15/2014 Vermont USA  
529 Barlow Street School No 3/15/2014 Vermont USA  
199 Dorsey Holiday House, Fayetteville, GA Temperature changes, strange odors, apparitions Public Both Yes Yes Increase in Temperature On the second floor, we had found that one room was extremely warm, several degr More ... GSI: Georgia Spectral Investigation Personal Experience Georgia Spectral Investigation 3/15/2014 Georgia USA  
208 Jeckyll Island Club Hotel-371 Riverview Dr. Jekyll Island GA Reports of at least three apparitions and displaced odor of cigar smoke. Public Both No Mandy-PRI-ME http://thingsthatgoboo.com/hauntedplaces/hauntedge 3/15/2014 Georgia USA  
452 Fort Adams, Newport, RI footsteps, voices, items thrown such as rocks Public for tours but Private for investigations both yes Kim/RIGS 41.473725,-71.339386 3/15/2014 Rhode Island USA  
460 Harborside Inn, 213 Water Street, Block Island, Rhode Island Apparitions, being touched Public Iindoors No Room 302 is haunted by a woman in black Victorian era clothing. Staff reports th More ... Annette / NECAPS Legend 41.191667,-71.575 3/15/2014 Rhode Island USA  
318 Hotel Savoy, 219 W 9th St, Kansas City, MO‎ Shower turns on, doors slam Public Indoor No Room 505 is haunted by the ghost of a woman who has been known to turn the water More ... Michael J. Baker Legend 39.103663,-94.586168 3/15/2014 Missouri USA  
319 Anderson House, Delaware St., Lexington, MO Objects move, uneasy feeling Public Indoor No This historic home was fought over and captured by both the Union and Confederat More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / Visitors 39.189459,-93.880539 3/15/2014 Missouri USA  
320 VIP Graphics, 14 North Newstead Ave., St. Louis, MO Apparitions, noises, footsteps, doors open and close Public Indoor No This former police station is haunted by many ghosts, some of police officers, a More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / Visitors 38.638852,-90.25522 3/15/2014 Missouri USA  
322 Wentworth Military Academy, 1880 Washington Ave., Lexington, MO Apparitions, noises, showers turn on, Public Indoor No Marine Hall is one of the barracks for the cadets. It's reported to be haunted b More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / Cadets 39.18713,-93.872809 3/15/2014 Missouri USA  
323 Thomas Jefferson Library at UMSL, 8001 Natural Bridge Road, St. Louis, MO Elevators run by themselves Public Indoor No The ghost in this library seems to enjoy running the elevators without human ass More ... Michael J. Baker Legend / Visitors 38.71063,-90.31075 3/15/2014 Missouri USA  
326 Private Residence, Intersection of Main St. and Oak St., Clinton, MO Shadow figures, Voices Private Indoor No A Shadow figure was seen at the top of the stairs. Testgroup Personal Experience 38.374862,-93.775951 3/15/2014 Missouri USA  
327 Washinghton Blvd, St. Louse City, MO Sound system and lights are played with Public Indoor No This place is haunted by a ghost who likes to play with the sound system and lig More ... Michael J. Baker Legend 38.639421,-90.232513 3/15/2014 Missouri USA  
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Details found: 634
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