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  ID Location Town Activity Last Event Event Time Public Private Indoors Out Witnesses Evidence Evidencedetails Evidence File Details Researcher Information Source Geocode Entry Date User ID State Country Lat1 Lon1 Captcha  
3 the Intersection of Gray and Newport St. Arlington, MA Arlington, MA Apparitions, Movement of Objects, Voices Private Indoors and Outdoors 5 None Multiple experiences - Doors slamming shut, voices, cold spots, full Apparitions More ... Personal Experience 42.415457,-71.169278  
4 Main Street, Yarmouthport, MA Yarmouthport, MA Noises, Apparitions, Light Anomalies Public Indoors and Outdoors 3 Video Camera Video was captured during an EVP session. Property Owner 41.751432,-70.102293  
5 the Intersection of Linden St. and Bucknam Street, Everett, MA Everett, MA Shadows Public Indoors 1 None Stories came about from a neighbors first hand account. Neighbor 42.408895,-71.059303  
6 Lake Street, Rehoboth, MA Rehoboth, MA Apparitions, EVP Public Outdoors 3 Digital Still Camera Also used analog audio recorder, and film camera Personal Experience 41.816547,-71.277258  
7 Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA Rehoboth, MA Apparitions, EMF readings Public Outdoors 3 EMF Meter Also had photos, and strange sounds (digital camera) Personal Experience 41.845954,-71.243364  
8 the intersection of 2nd Street and Spring Street, Fall River, Ma Fall River, MA Light Anomalies, EVP, Disembodied voices Private Indoors 2 Digital Still Camera Owner has photos of light anomalies on website, unknown as to authenticity. Owner, and Guests 41.698569,-71.156699  
9 the intersection of Union Street and Union Circle, Weymouth, Ma Weymouth, MA EVP, Noises, Apparitions, Private Indoors 4 Audio Recorder EVP captured in Upstairs bedroom Personal experience 42.16146,-70.93316  
10 87 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth, Ma Rehoboth, MA Apparitions, Noises Public Outdoors 3 Audio Recorder Address listed is a public building near the location Paranormal Investigators 41.8652,-71.2161  
11 the intersection of Norfolk Street and Peacevale Road, Dorchester, Ma Dorchester, MA Apparitions, Strange Feelings,Object Manipulation Private Indoors 2 ION Meter ION counts were significantly High in this house, no reported activity since inv More ... Personal Experience 42.288232,-71.076802  
12 the intersection of Thayer place and Washington Street, Braintree, Ma Braintree, MA Apparitions, Cold spots, Strange Feelings, Light Anomalies Private Indoors 2 None Reports of apparitions, cold spots, negative feelings and lights Personal Experience 42.200854,-71.007424  
13 the intersection of Orleans street and Murray Ct, East Boston, Ma East Boston, MA Strange Feelings, Apparitions, Object Manipulation Private Indoors 2 EMF Meter One spike registered on EMF, thought to be manipulated by homeowner Personal Experience 42.367749,-71.038258  
14 the Charlemont Inn, 107 Main St Charlemont, MA Charlemont, MA Apparitions, Shadow figures, Children's voices, Odors Public Indoors 3 None Several people have witnessed an apparition of a woman in Room 23, as well as a More ... Personal Experience 42.62778,-72.875612  
15 Wayside Inn Sudbury MA Sudbury, MA K2 meters, EVPs, Noises, Shadows Public Outdoors 5 KII Meter The Wayside Inn is one of the oldest continuously operating inn in the US, datin More ... Personal experience 42.430334,-71.040216  
16 a private residence Old Berkeley Street, Berkeley Ma Berkeley, MA Object Manipulation, Disembodied Voices, Noises Private Indoors 2 Audio Recorder The refrigerator door swung open and slammed several times on Saturday. This was More ... Personal experience and word of mouth 41.831742,-71.085432  
17 Salem, MA Salem, MA Apparitions Public Outdoors 1 None Whenever a tragedy befalls Salem, people claim to see Giles Corey’s ghost soon a More ... Legend 42.51954,-70.896715  
18 the Quaker Cemetery, Worcester, MA Worcester, MA Disembodied Voices, Physical Interaction, Apparitions Public Outdoors 3 None Called Spider Gates because it has eight gates, this cemetery is said to be very More ... Legend 42.263265,-71.895857  
19 the Joshua Ward House, Essex St, Beverly, MA Beverly, MA Apparitions, Object Manipulation, Cold spots Public Indoors and Outdoors 2 None Built on the foundation of the former sheriff that was responsible for hanging w More ... Legend 42.558527,-70.871562  
20 the Daniel Burgess House, Plymouth, MA Plymouth, MA Hot spots, Disembodied Voices, Object Manipulation Public Indoors 3 None This house, which sits across from a cemetery, is said to be located on the site More ... Legend 41.960751,-70.666944  
21 Natick, MA Natick, MA Apparitions Public Outdoors 1 None It is said that on St. Patrick’s evening, 1874, an intoxicated man was walking a More ... Legend 42.28343,-71.349503  
22 Fort Warren, Boston, MA Boston, MA Noises, Apparitions, Disembodied Voices Public Indoors and Outdoors 5 None Used as a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War, Georges Island is said to h More ... Legend 42.319543,-70.928658  
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Details found: 634
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