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Purported Active Locations

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  ID Geocode Details Activity Location (nearest intersection) Country State Town Date of Last Event Event Time Public or Private Indoors / Outdoors No. of Witnesses Evidence Captured? What evidence was captured? Evidence File Researcher Information Source Entry Date  
Multiple experiences - Doors slamming shut, voices, cold spots, full Apparitions More ... Apparitions, Movement of Objects, Voices the Intersection of Gray and Newport St. Arlington, MA Arlington, MA Private Indoors and Outdoors 5 None Personal Experience  
Video was captured during an EVP session. Noises, Apparitions, Light Anomalies Main Street, Yarmouthport, MA Yarmouthport, MA Public Indoors and Outdoors 3 Video Camera Property Owner  
Stories came about from a neighbors first hand account. Shadows the Intersection of Linden St. and Bucknam Street, Everett, MA Everett, MA Public Indoors 1 None Neighbor  
Also used analog audio recorder, and film camera Apparitions, EVP Lake Street, Rehoboth, MA Rehoboth, MA Public Outdoors 3 Digital Still Camera Personal Experience  
Also had photos, and strange sounds (digital camera) Apparitions, EMF readings Bay State Road, Rehoboth, MA Rehoboth, MA Public Outdoors 3 EMF Meter Personal Experience  
Owner has photos of light anomalies on website, unknown as to authenticity. Light Anomalies, EVP, Disembodied voices the intersection of 2nd Street and Spring Street, Fall River, Ma Fall River, MA Private Indoors 2 Digital Still Camera Owner, and Guests  
EVP captured in Upstairs bedroom EVP, Noises, Apparitions, the intersection of Union Street and Union Circle, Weymouth, Ma Weymouth, MA Private Indoors 4 Audio Recorder Personal experience  
Address listed is a public building near the location Apparitions, Noises 87 Winthrop Street, Rehoboth, Ma Rehoboth, MA Public Outdoors 3 Audio Recorder Paranormal Investigators  
ION counts were significantly High in this house, no reported activity since inv More ... Apparitions, Strange Feelings,Object Manipulation the intersection of Norfolk Street and Peacevale Road, Dorchester, Ma Dorchester, MA Private Indoors 2 ION Meter Personal Experience  
Reports of apparitions, cold spots, negative feelings and lights Apparitions, Cold spots, Strange Feelings, Light Anomalies the intersection of Thayer place and Washington Street, Braintree, Ma Braintree, MA Private Indoors 2 None Personal Experience  
One spike registered on EMF, thought to be manipulated by homeowner Strange Feelings, Apparitions, Object Manipulation the intersection of Orleans street and Murray Ct, East Boston, Ma East Boston, MA Private Indoors 2 EMF Meter Personal Experience  
Several people have witnessed an apparition of a woman in Room 23, as well as a More ... Apparitions, Shadow figures, Children's voices, Odors the Charlemont Inn, 107 Main St Charlemont, MA Charlemont, MA Public Indoors 3 None Personal Experience  
The Wayside Inn is one of the oldest continuously operating inn in the US, datin More ... K2 meters, EVPs, Noises, Shadows Wayside Inn Sudbury MA Sudbury, MA Public Outdoors 5 KII Meter Personal experience  
The refrigerator door swung open and slammed several times on Saturday. This was More ... Object Manipulation, Disembodied Voices, Noises a private residence Old Berkeley Street, Berkeley Ma Berkeley, MA Private Indoors 2 Audio Recorder Personal experience and word of mouth  
Whenever a tragedy befalls Salem, people claim to see Giles Corey’s ghost soon a More ... Apparitions Salem, MA Salem, MA Public Outdoors 1 None Legend  
Called Spider Gates because it has eight gates, this cemetery is said to be very More ... Disembodied Voices, Physical Interaction, Apparitions the Quaker Cemetery, Worcester, MA Worcester, MA Public Outdoors 3 None Legend  
Built on the foundation of the former sheriff that was responsible for hanging w More ... Apparitions, Object Manipulation, Cold spots the Joshua Ward House, Essex St, Beverly, MA Beverly, MA Public Indoors and Outdoors 2 None Legend  
This house, which sits across from a cemetery, is said to be located on the site More ... Hot spots, Disembodied Voices, Object Manipulation the Daniel Burgess House, Plymouth, MA Plymouth, MA Public Indoors 3 None Legend  
It is said that on St. Patrick’s evening, 1874, an intoxicated man was walking a More ... Apparitions Natick, MA Natick, MA Public Outdoors 1 None Legend  
Used as a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War, Georges Island is said to h More ... Noises, Apparitions, Disembodied Voices Fort Warren, Boston, MA Boston, MA Public Indoors and Outdoors 5 None Legend  
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