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  ID Investigator Established Location Methods Details Website Email Affiliations  
199 Abnormal Spirit Chasers 2010 Fredericksburg, VA Scientific & Medium http://http://abnormalspiritchasers.webs.com/ abnormalspiritchasers@yahoo.com  
164 Colorado Coalition of Paranormal Investigators 2004 Western Slope, Colorado Scientific Serving Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. http://http://www.coloparanormal.com admin@coloparanormal.com  
337 Georgia Native American Paranormal Society 2017 Southeast Georgia Scientific & Medium We are a group of Native Americans with varied spiritual gifts who have come tog More ... http://http://www.georgianativeamericanparanormalsociety. admin@georgianativeamericanparanormalsociety.com  
276 Marie Cuff Boise Idaho Scientific I have been doing research in the paranormal field for 20+ years. http://http://www.iprgc.com admin@idspiritskrs.com TAPS, TAPS Family, American Ghost Society  
277 International Paranormal Reporting Group 2000 Boise Idaho Scientific http://http://www.iprgc.com admin@idspiritskrs.com TAPS Family, American Ghost Society  
16 Anomalous Phenomenon Research Bureau 2010 Western Slope of Colorado and Eastern Utah Scientific & Medium APRB prides itself in the team’s openness to investigate many different types of More ... http://www.aprb.org administrator@aprb.org  
17 Anomalous Phenomenon Research Bureau 2010 Grand Junction, Colorado Scientific & Medium APRB prides itself in the team’s openness to investigate many different types of More ... http://www.aprb.org administrator@aprb.org  
18 Paranormal St.Joe 2008 St. Joseph, MO Scientific http://www.paranormalstjoe.com administrator@paranormalstjoe.com  
96 Renegades Investigating the Paranormal 2010 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Scientific Renegades Investigating the Paranormal or (R.I.P) is a not for profit group base More ... http://www.RenegadesInvestigations.com agentd@RenegadesInvestigations.com Everyday Paranormal Affliate Team  
331 Angels Of Light Paranormal Society 2010 Marysville, Ca Scientific We are a paranormal research group based out of Marysville, Ca here to help our More ... http://http://angelsoflightparanormal.yolasite.com/ alpsyubasutter@gmail.com  
94 P.R.O.O.F 2008 Willimantic, Connecticut Scientific http://www.teamproof.com amanda.proof@live.com  
183 PROBE 2008 alexandria,va Scientific n/a http://www.ghostprobe.com amishlady33@aol.com Paranormal Group  
206 Father J.L. Ashcraft Cincinnati, Ohio Scientific Fr. Ashcraft assists many groups throughout the country in investigating and han More ... http://http://spiritwars.ning.com ancientchristianchurch  
127 Tulare County Paranormal Society 2006 Visalia, California Scientific & Medium Since 2006, the pride of the Tulare County Paranormal Society (TCPS) is its abil More ... http://www.tularecountyparanormal.com anna@tularecountyparanormal.com APA  
202 Antietam Paranormal Society 2008 Hagerstown, Maryland Scientific http://www.antietamparanormalsociety.com antietamparanormal@gmail.com  
21 Amatuer Paranormal Exploration 2010 Saint Joseph ,Missouri Scientific http://Facebook.com ape_64501@yahoo.com  
294 Appalachian Hauntings 2009 Mooresburg, TN Scientific We are a newly formed paranormal group and we hope to be able to help folks with More ... http://www.appalachianhauntings.com appalachianhauntings@live.com  
159 Ty Gowen Gorham, ME Scientific http://www.pri-me.org arcticinferno13@yahoo.com PRIME Investigator  
186 Paranormal Taboo 2010 Pittsburgh PA Scientific & Medium This group is developed specifically for research into the paranormal world. It More ... http://http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=335757008123 artissoalive@hotmail.com  
38 Brandy l Miller 2010 Carthage Mo. Scientific & Medium Iv had a crazy life with a lot of not so right things going on and I want to no More ... http://Still working on one Aunb4him@yahoo.com  
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Details found: 337
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